Friday, 24 August 2018

How to get mobile sim card after reaching Copenhagen airport, Denmark?

Getting a sim card in Copenhagen airport is not a big deal. I visited Denmark in August 2018. Before starting the trip i have read about the options to get a sim card in Copenhagen airport. But situation was little different than what i read. So, here I am writing how to get a sim card in Copenhagen airport.

I am telling you that it will be very useful if you take a sim card from the airport, because you won't find many free WiFi options in the city. You will get free WiFi in airport, so you can get connected with internet when you are inside the airport. I stayed in Denmark for 10 days and the sim card was really useful.

I read that we can get Libera and Lycamobile sim cards from the airport in which they can be bought from Baggage collection point and from the 7 Eleven store near the Check-in point in the airport. Also I read that Libera mobile has good network and go for it.

After I landed in Copenhagen airport I found a person near the baggage collection point selling free Lycamobile sim cards with 60 GB data and 3 hrs talktime to 50 countries for 99 DKK. As I read good reviews about Libera mobile, I was looking for it. After collecting luggage, I had a walk and i found Libera sim card in a vending machine. There were no information regarding the offers for Libera there and it was 149 DKK for sim card, so I didn't take a risk. I thought after exit I will go to 7 Eleven and to get sim card after confirming the offers. So, I exited the airport and went to 7 Eleven. They said sim card costs 50 DKK and I have to recharge to get offers. It will cost another 99 DKK. It made me think that Lycamobile was good but it is not possible to enter back to baggage collection point. I was disappointed and walked towards the metro station after buying tickets. Surprisingly there was an another guy selling sim cards on the way to metro station. He was a Pakistani and as I am an Indian, we had a friendly talk also, we talked about movies, friends and it was a good time with him :) He said this sim card can be used in another European countries also. I bought the sim card for 99 DKK with 60 GB data and 3 hrs talktime to 50 countries including India (Find the countries included in offer) for 1 month. You need not give any identity proof to get this sim card. I don't know why! But, I must say the sim card was very useful through out my trip in Denmark for maps, WhatsApp, E-mail and especially to contact my family and friends directly. I didn't find free WiFi everywhere, so if I didn't have this sim card, it might have been difficult for me to find directions and other information. Also I must say that I never faced any network or data issues with Lycamobile in Denmark.

Later I visited Sweden and I could use data there also. Note that I could not make calls when I was in Sweden. Also in the city Helsingborg, they provide free WiFi everywhere in the city.

But disaster happened later, when I visited Zurich, Switzerland. Both data and voice didn't work in Switzerland. It will show the data connection but data transfer didn't happen. I felt like lost in Zurich as airport WiFi was also not connecting. It is very difficult to get internet in Zurich airport as you have to scan your boarding pass in a machine to get access code to connect, and you will find very few machines in airport. So be careful while visiting Zurich. 

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