Monday, 28 July 2014

How to make FM radio transmitter easily | 100% working

This is a 100% working circuit diagram to make FM radio transmitter. All components are available in market.
  1. 9V battery
  2. 10K resistance
  3. 100K resistance
  4. 270K resistance
  5. .001 capacitor
  6. .1 capacitor
  7. 22pf capacitor(3 nos.)
  8. 2N2222 or KN2222A or RN2222A transistor
  9. Stereo pin
  10. 26 SWG wire
  11. Bread board or Common Circuit board
  12. Sufficient wires for connection.

Circuit Diagram


1. Make induction coil.

Make an induction coil with 6 turns with 6 mm diameter. Make sure that the coil is turned finely for better transmission. Scratch the ends, if the coil is insulated.

2. Make connections from Stereo pin
Use stereo pin only if you wish to take input from mobile or mp3 player. Red is +ve and black is -ve in picture. Connect positive to either left or right of stereo pin.

3. Create circuit.

Transistor leads are in this manner.

4. Use any wire as antenna.

I advice you to make connections as shown here. But breadboard connections are not complete in above figure (Input, battery and antenna are not shown).

5. Press and adjust the coil gently to get desired transmission. You confirm transmission using any fm radio. Its frequency may be between 105 and 108. 

NOTE: Transmission of FM waves beyond allowed frequency or beyond allowed unlicensed range may be illegal. So, be careful!! This circuit is safe but don't make powerful transmitter using powerful transistor and other coils.

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